PhysioZoo SpO2 documentation

Oximetry digital biomarkers for the analysis of continuous oximetry (SpO2) time series.

Based on the paper Jeremy Levy, Daniel ́Alvarez, Aviv A Rosenberg, Alexandra Alexandrovich, F ́elix Del Campo, and Joachim ABehar. Digital oximetry biomarkers for assessing respiratory function: standards of measurement, physiologicalinterpretation, and clinical use.NPJ digital medicine, 4(1):1–14, 2021


Five types of biomarkers may be evaluated:

  1. General statistics: time-based statistics describing the oxygen saturation time series data distribution.

  2. Complexity: quantify the presence of long-range correlations in non-stationary time series.

  3. Periodicity: quantify consecutive events creating some periodicity in the oxygen saturation time series.

  4. Desaturations: time-based measures that are descriptive statistics of the desaturation patterns happening throughout the time series.

  5. Hypoxic burden: time-based measures quantifying the overall degree of hypoxemia imposed to the heart and other organs during the recording period.


Available on pip, with the command: pip install pobm

pip project:






All the requirements are installed when the toolbox is installed, no need for additional commands.

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